Moving on; it’s something we must all do. It might be for the first time, at multiple times in our lives, sometimes willingly, sometimes it’s thrust upon us when we don’t want it. We move on from ideas that don’t materialise, ideas that we lose motivation for, businesses that…
“The opposite of play is not work - it’s depression”
As a freelancer, you are your own boss... but sometimes you turn out to be the worst, most unreasonable boss you've ever had!
It wasn’t so much a “new” lesson, more like a timely reminder - and the reminder was how important it is to keep talking about you and what you do to as…
In reality, I haven’t worked as a freelance photographer in any substantial capacity since March 2020.
I’m having to relearn the same lesson over and over again: Time is not running out. You are not behind.
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The fifth and final part of the On Freelancing series.
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Notes on Freelancing